Monday, April 28, 2008

Gospel in Action

In this picture I am pouring my premeasured wheat into the grinder. It really is magical! Notice the concentration of the subject and the kitty magnet on the fridge.

A careful cook overseeing the kneading process. I really need a bigger mixer. I would love to make 4 loaves at a time.

Hmm, the finished product. Yummy! See how it makes you feel when you make your bread!

The King of the Kitchen showing off--righteous pride!

Loaves 3 and 4--even better the the first two of the evening.

The two bakers! Check out the garb! We really know our way around the kitchen.

There really is nothing better. Husbands, please be warned. If you make the bread, don't think your wives will offer to help clean up the mess--it doesn't happen!


Wendy said...

very impressive, so were can we get the recipe?

Andrew said...

It is already posted--scroll down to find recipe!

Aaron said...

This post reminds me of a great bread making video. In fact, you actually remind me of the guy making the bread.